Integration Profiles: an Approach for Cracking the Interoperability Challenge in AAL

Eichelberg, Marco; Helmer, Axel; Rölker-Denker, Lars
Broader, Bigger, Better: AAL Solutions for Europe. Proceedings of the AAL Forum 2014, Bucharest, Romania, 9-12 September 2014
A key requirement for the success of AAL systems is that they can be extended and maintained over time, growing and adapting to the changing needs of the user. This can only be achieved with modular solutions, where components can be combined in a flexible manner. The AAL-JP support action on standards and interoperability in the field of AAL has designed a number of “Integration Profiles” to demonstrate how this interoperability challenge in AAL can be addressed successfully. Integration profiles start from an end-user perspective, describe systems and components, interfaces and interactions and provide a mapping to communication standards.
9 / 2014
Curaj, Adrian; Trif Ioana