Integrated Procedure Design and Validation by Cognitive Task Model Simulation

Mioch T., Mistrzyk T., Rister F.
Currently, the main means of communication between air traffic control and the cockpit is the voice. However, non-auditive datalink communication via the flight management system is increasingly applied for air-ground communication. In this paper, we show that the procedure to handle voice communication with air traffic control is not adequate for datalink communication, as it would lead to less feedback in the cockpit and less active monitoring. The procedure is analyzed by visualizing it through the semi-formal task model AMBOSS, which also makes it possible to simulate the procedure step by step to evaluate safety-critical tasks, e.g. tasks for which there does not exist a safety net within the procedure, such as active monitoring by the other pilot. We argue that the current procedure needs to be adjusted to the changed communication in the cockpit, and we suggest and evaluate a new procedure.
03 / 2010
Model-based Analysis of Human Errors during Aircraft Cockpit System Design