Incremental Development of a Co-Simulation Setup for testing a Generation Unit Controller for Reactive Power Provision

Velasquez, Jorge and Piech, Klaus and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Fischer, Lars and Garske, Steffen
Computer Science - Research and Development
The German energy perspective is changing at an accelerated pace. This change is due to the high diffusion of decentralized energy resources in the electricity mix. Moreover, the role of these generation units is going beyond the provision of active power, and moving towards the supply of ancillary services for grid stabilization (e.g. frequency control, voltage regulation and reactive power compensation). In addition, there is a continuous increase in the complexity of distribution and transmission grids as the need for automation and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) take an important role in the optimized operation of decentralized energy resources. This raises the requirement for sophisticated design and validation methods for the analysis of complex energy systems. An innovative approach in this field is the joint operation of multidisciplinary simulation tools in a coordinated fashion providing realistic environments for introduction of HiL-testing of grid automation components.
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