Implications and Consequences of Mass Customization on Manufacturing Control

Schumann, Rene and Sauer, Jürgen
Innovative Processes and Products for Mass Customization
Within the supply chain we are faced with several individual companies using their own planning and scheduling systems. These have to be coordinated in order to reach the global goals of the supply chain management. Even in single manufacturing companies we find several shops using their own planning tools and these are not coordinated. The trend to mass customization increases these problems and leads to more complex scheduling situations within the manufac-turing system. This is because not only each manufacturing system uses its own scheduling strategy but also each order has its individual path through the manufacturing system and their goals may differ. The papers presents the results of the investigation of the impact of decentral-ized scheduling systems using their own scheduling strategies and orders with different goals put into this system on the quality of the overall schedules.
06 / 2007
Series on Business Informatics and Application Systems
365 - 378