iCARDEA – an Approach to Reducing Human Workload in Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device Follow-Ups

Yang, Maohua and Lüpkes, Christian and Dogac, Asuman and Yuksel, Mustafa and Tunçer, Fulya and Namlı, Tuncay and Plößnig, Manuela and Ulbts, Jürgen and Eichelberg, Marco
The iCARDEA project aims at developing an intelligent platform to semi-automate the follow-up of CIED patients using adaptable computer interpretable clinical guideline models. For this purpose, data from hospitals electronic health records (EHR), from patient maintained personal health records (PHR) and current generation of CIED devices provided by the remote monitoring services offered by all major vendors are collected and correlated. This article provides an overview of the project that has started in February 2010.
09 / 2010
Computing in Cardiology
An Intelligent Platform for Personalized Remote Monitoring of the Cardiac Patients with Electronic Implant Devices
Alan Murray