Goal-Based Strategy Exploration

Obe, Patricia Aluko and Brings, Jennifer and Daun, Marian and Feeken, Linda and Mirzaei, Elham and Neumann, Martin and Nickles, Jochen and Rösel, Simon and Sauer, Markus and Schlingloff, Holger and Stierand, Ingo and Zernickel, Jan-Stefan
Model-Based Engineering of Collaborative Embedded Systems: Extensions of the SPES Methodology
When collaborative embedded systems (CESs) connect to form a group, this collaborative system group (CSG) can achieve goals that are beyond the reach of individual systems. The goals such a group can achieve depend on the constituent collaborative embedded systems. Consequently, the ability of a collaborative system group to adapt itself is driven by the capabilities of its collaborative embedded systems. This tight interconnection impedes the manual handling of adaptation strategies. Therefore, this chapter introduces a goal-based approach for strategy exploration that considers the peculiarities of collaborative system groups and collaborative embedded systems. The chapter sets out the model-based approach to adaptive system (group) design, incorporating the goals of collaborative system groups and individual systems, and outlines corresponding automated validation methods. We demonstrate the applicability of our approach for a case example of collaborative transport robots.
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Collaborative Embedded Systems