FriendSense: Sensing your Social Net at Night

Pielot, Martin and Henze, Niels and Boll, Susanne
Night and darkness: Interaction after dark Workshop@CHI08
When we go out at night with a group of friends a good share of our attention is occupied with keeping the group close together, especially if we stroll in crowded and noisy environments such as city festivals. Established devices and interaction techniques do not address the special requirements of a nightly event sufficiently as it is too noisy to communicate by phone and looking at displays demands too much attention. Also the effort of keeping the group together should not keep you away from having fun with your friends. We envision FriendSense, a system displaying your social net at night. It uses a haptic display worn around the person's waist to display the relative direction, distance, and status of your friends. We started collecting data about the behavior of people attending nightly events that will be used to analyze how FriendSense changes their behavior.
04 / 2008
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices
Enhanced Network Accessibility for the Blind and Visually Impaired