Exploring Stress Creation in VR for Task-Based Training in Nursing

Weiß, Sebastian and Heuten, Wilko
Mensch und Computer 2019-Workshopband
he nursing profession is widely regarded as very stressful. Stress has been shown to have adverse affects on both nurses and patients. It is therefore important to decrease stress exposure, especially in safety critical environments.Virtual reality (VR) has become a wide-spread medium with use cases in many different industries, such as medicine, military, and aviation. The possibility of VR to create an immersive experience in a realistic depiction of the working environments, such as an ICU, including typical stressors makes it a good candidate as a training tool. This work outlines possible technologies and applications to create and measure stress for a holistic training experience.Previous studies have shown positive effects of training in VR on stress or anxiety, but the costs for skills- and real laboratories with the required equipment are too high for some institutions to carry. Virtual reality can be a cost-adequate alternative for this sector. However, little research has been conducted on how to create stress in a virtual environment in order to better prepare for stressful situations. Therefore, we present a concept for researching stress induction in immersive virtual environments.
10 / 2019
Gesellschaft für Informatik eV