Evaluation of a generic heart rate model for exercise planning and execution across training modalities

Müller, Frerk and Müller, Sebastian and Helmer, Axel and Hein, Andreas
Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the primary causes of death all over the world. Next to blood pressure, hydration and weight controlling, frequent cardio training is the most important prevention driver to decrease the risk of a cardiac event. Therefore cardio exercises for cardiac patients should be well monitored from the medical point of view and motivational from the patient point of view. This can be achieved by supporting several different training modalities such as running, cycling and rowing. This paper is focusing on a heart rate model which can be transferred between several training modalities (in this case cycling and running). This allows e.g. measuring of the individual fitness parameters during a cycling stress test at a hospital and estimating the heart rate during outdoor running exercises based on the stress test results. The model is described in detail within the paper. An evaluation has been performed to figure out the precision and limitations of the model. The results have been discussed and further steps to be made are presented.
01 / 2014
VDE Verlag