European Project Cluster on Mixed-Criticality Systems

Trujillo, Salvador and Obermaisser, Roman and Grüttner, Kim and Cazorla, Francisco J. and Perez, Jon
Proceedings of the Performance, Power and Predictability of Many-Core Embedded Systems (3PMCES) Workshop
Modern embedded applications already integrate a multitude of functionalities with potentially different criticality levels into a single system and this trend is expected to grow in the near future. Without appropriate preconditions, the integration of mixed-criticality subsystems can lead to a significant and potentially unacceptable increase of engineering and certification costs. There are several ongoing research initiatives studying mixed-criticality integration in multicore processors. Key challenges are the combination of software virtualization and hardware segregation and the extension of partitioning mechanisms jointly addressing significant extra-functional requirements (e.g., time, energy and power budgets, adaptivity, reliability, safety, security, volume, weight, etc.) along with development and certification methodology. This paper provides a summary of the challenges to be addressed in the design and development of future mixed-criticality systems and the way in which some current European Projects on the topic address those challenges.
3 / 2014
Design of embedded mixed-criticality CONTRol systems under consideration of EXtra-functional properties
Tapani Ahonen and Mats Brorsson and Sven Karlsson and Adam Morawiec and Walter Stechele