European Design Automation Roadmap 6th Edition - Design Solutions for Europe

European Design Automation Roadmap
The roadmap definition described below applies particularly well to the Design Automation domain, where in Europe a considerable amount of distributed expertise exists but no global industrial solution in Electronic System Level Designs (ESL) and manufacturing though all the ingredients are in place.“The roadmap is a way to allow early focused development of engineered solutions, capitalising on the global knowledge of a community of experts in the field” J. BORELThe roadmap is an efficient knowledge management tool for Design Automation in Europe by bringing all the players together (Universities, Institutes, semiconductor and system houses) under the umbrella of MEDEA+/CATRENE.It is also a highly competitive approach for Time to Market sensitive business (such as System on Chip products or Systems in a Package). It will allow Europe to stay competitive in a market continuing to grow. Even with a decrease of growth rate of semiconductor sales to 6% per year in the past years, the sales reached a 256$B level in 2007. This growth, in the future, will imply much more complex products to design, in a shorter time frame and able to be manufactured in advanced processes requiring much more stringent rules for manufacturability.We need to achieve these goals and EDA is the solution for both design and manufacturing competitive performance.
03 / 2009

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