Entwurfsabsicherung für eingebettete Mehrkernsysteme im Kontext der ISO 26262

Benedikt Bauer and Jan Steffen Becker and Thomas Peikenkamp and Christof Schlaak and Ingo Stierand
Combined Proceedings of the Workshops of the German Software Engineering Conference 2018 (SE 2018)
For computing-intensive applications such as driver assistance systems, multiprocessor and multi-core processor systems are increasingly being used in embedded systems. This paper shows how requirements for a multi-core system design can be implemented in compliance to ISO 26262 modeling concepts, i.e. safety standards. Accordingly, safety-relevant system-level requirements have to be broken down to the subordinate system components (e.g., controllers) as well as the hardware and software architecture. In safety-critical application domains, there are also requirements and limitations that must be taken into account during partitioning, mapping, and distribution processes. For the distribution of software components to the individual processing cores, various algorithms are mostly used, since a manual distribution under consideration of all constraints is error prone, time consuming and ineffective. This paper finally presents a way to determine and identify requirement types along with methods and tools that are supported by the APP4MC platform.
3 / 2018
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