Enabling cross-organization access to legacy healthcare information systems in ARTEMIS using the IHE RID profile

Stuber, R. and Aden, T. and Eichelberg, M.
Proceedings EuroPACS 2006
The localisation of and access to electronically available patient-centric information across the boundaries of healthcare organisations is mostly limited to the field of telemedicine applications today. However, considering the specialisation of medical organisations, the need for cost reduction e. g. by avoiding unnecessary examinations, and the mobility of the population especially at Euro-pean level, cross-organisational access to medical information related to a particular patient would certainly be beneficial. The EC-funded project ARTEMIS is developing a semantic web based P2P interoperability infrastructure for healthcare information systems. The ARTEMIS P2P net-work provides a Patient Identification Protocol (PID Protocol) – a mechanism to locate patient-related documents in conformance with access authorisation and privacy regulations. For the retrieval of such documents, ARTEMIS combines the PID protocol with the Retrieve Information for Display (RID) integration profile proposed by the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative. This profile enables users to retrieve and display patient-related documents on systems other than the document keeping systems. In combination with the ARTEMIS infrastructure, RID enables users to access medical information across boundaries of medical organisations.
06 / 2006
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A semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Medical Information Services