Elevating Social Presence in Multi-User VR by Increasing Behavioral Realism

Kimmel, Simon and Heuten, Wilko
Due to profound changes in our social structure, the exchange of social interaction via technology-mediated communication channels is on the rise. In this regard, we argue that by creating an increased social presence using multiuser VR applications, social connectedness among individuals can be elevated. Although several factors influencing social presence positively were already identified, the impact of behavioral realism increased by employing facial tracking technologies is yet unexplored. We hypothesize that social presence can be further elevated by utilizing this new technology and propose a study design to evaluate this hypothesis.
05 / 2022
Association for Computing Machinery
Social Presence in Virtual Event Spaces - A CHI 2022 Workshop
Zusammen Erleben, Immersiv Teilhaben durch taktil unterstützte Virtual-Reality-Immersion in Multi-Nutzer-Szenarien