Dynamic-mechanical Analysis of Piezoactuators for mobile Nanorobots

Edeler, Christoph
In recent years, nanorobots driven by stick-slip actuators were developed in our division. The relevance of glue layers touching the piezoactuator is investigated in this paper. For the actuators, piezoceramic plates, i.e. leadzirconate-titanate ceramics, are used to generate fast and ultra-fine displacements. However, as far as the fabrication is concerned, some influences are unknown. Due to the design of the actuator, three ruby hemispheres are manually glued to each piezoactuator in the robot. At the same time the hemispheres and their mounting strongly determine the dynamic properties of the actuator. Because the glue is by far the most elastic part of the actuator, it has a major influence on the eigenfrequencies and damping. Furthermore, measurements are hard to perform due to the small geometries, the dynamic signals and the small displacements. Thus, simulations were performed using finite-element-analysis to estimate influence of glue.
06 / 2010
Messe Bremen