DisClose: Negative Body-Related Self-Disclosure to Mediate Intimacy over Distance

Aljuneidi, Saja and Gerstenberg, Rebecca and Hassenzahl, Marc
Proceedings of the 35th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference
There is a growing interest in technologies that mediate intimacy across distances. Most approaches focus on positive moments, such as hugs or kisses. This paper presents DisClose, a speculative design that explores negative body-related self-disclosure as an approach to promote intimacy over distance. DisClose consists of three jewelry pieces: earrings, a bracelet, and a magnifier necklace. Each piece suggests disclosure of one negative, body-related aspect, namely exhaustion, pain, and negative body image. With the help of non-functional prototypes, we explored the implications of disclosing such negative experiences in a number of relationship constellations, e.g., couples, close friends, or family. With speculative research through design, we developed six reflective stories of using DisClose. These stories summarize insights, potential appropriations, and challenges of the concept. The imaginary devices as well as the stories provide a starting point for further empirical research into the value of body-related, technology-mediated self-disclosure.
Association for Computing Machinery
OzCHI '23