Digital VLSI-implementation of a psychoacoustically and physiologically motivated speech preprocessor

Brucke, Matthias and Hansen, M. and Kollmeier, B. and Mertsching, B. and Nebel, Wolfgang and Schwarz, A.
A digital VLSI implementation of a psychoacoustically and physiologically motivated preprocessing algorithm is intro-duced. The algorithm consists of several stages motivated by the signal processing in the human ear and was success-fully applied to a wide range of applications by the Medical Physics Group at the University of Oldenburg. The process-ing scheme has been partitioned and will be implemented in two ASICs. It is shown how an application of the algorithm has been used to determine the necessary wordlengths for a transfer of the floating point version of the model into a version suitable for a hardware implementation.
01 / 1998
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Computational Hearing, Il Ciocco / Italy, July 1998

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