Digital Twin Architecture and Technologies for Hydrogen Electrolyser Applications

Nils Huxoll, Sharaf Alsharif, Jan C Diettrich, Tobias Brandt and Michael Brand
Abstracts of the 11th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics - Volume 5, Supplement 2
In this work, a service oriented digital twin (DT) architecture and concept is introduced in the context of hydrogen electrolysers. For this, current literature on DT architectures and concepts was researched and taken into consideration. The approach focuses on a core DT, consisting of a publish subscribe system, a component for integrating sensors and actuators, and a state estimation component. Connected to the core are the services, enhancing the core with additional features, e.g. remaining useful life estimation. The architecture aims to allow creating scalable, extendable, inter-operable and dynamic DTs for electrolysers.
September / 2022
Springer Open
DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics
De-Risking Electrolyseur
Serienproduktion von Elektrolyseuren im Gigawatt-Bereich