Design methodology for a self-healing signal processing unit on the example of an FIR filter

[Metzdorf, Malte and Eilers, Reef and Helms, Domenik and Nebel, Wolfgang]
In this work, we present the development of a self-healing cyber physical system. Based on an FPGA platform, we simulate ageing and soft error occurrence by a dedicated modification of the gate-netlist, enabling a run-time fault injection. In addition we present a new design paradigm, introducing redundancy at the RT component level,thus being able to detect and compensate most of the injected errors with a far lower area overhead as tripple modular redundancy. The application under study is an FIR filter, controlling the spring tension and pressure of an automotive suspension for the detection and adaption of the road conditions.
05 / 2012
Designing Robust Nanoelectric Systems

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