Data Center Smart Grid Integration Considering Renewable Energies and Waste Heat Usage

Janacek, Stefan and Schomaker, Gunnar and Nebel, Wolfgang
Power consumption of data centers is a rising topic of great interest and numerous research activities. Articles handle power saving by using virtualization technologies and server consolidation strategies. We assume these technologies as a base, but we also want to enable a data center to profit from local renewable energy sources, reducing CO 2 emissions. In this position paper, we propose the idea of integrating a data center into a smart grid, respecting location dependencies. We present our concept that consists of two individual simulation systems, a smart grid simulation framework and a data center simulation, which are both combined to create a holistic simulation. A special focus is placed on a new data center model, the Surrogate DC Model, and its functionalityand requirements. The Surrogate DC Model behaves as a complete data center, but it can adapt itself and its architecture to different energy scenarios. The goal is, to obtain the best possible synergy effects between the data center and the smart grid in terms of energy exchange and infrastructure usage. The concepts introduced in this paper are work-in-progress. At the end of the paper, we present further ideas and future research intentions, like a detailed Geographic Information System (GIS) integration.
5 / 2013
AC4DC - Adaptive Computing for Green Data Centers Steigerung der Energieeffizienz durch intelligentes Rechenlast- und Infrastrukturmanagement vom Anbieter bis zum Anwender

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