Culture Locator: A Concept To Support Tandem Language Learning In New Digital Realities

Flügge, Anna-Katharina AND Gödde, Nina AND Kneile, Madlen AND Aljuneidi, Saja
Mensch und Computer 2019 - Workshopband
Learning languages in the form of a tandem program offerslearners numerous advantages over individual learning. In orderto develop a concept that supports the cooperative work oftandem partners, a qualitative study was conducted using theDesign Case Study as a framework for research. The results showthe positive impact of cultural exchange and the importance ofhearing in language learning. As a result, a concept was developedthat promotes cultural exchange and also focuses on hearing.Thus, this paper offers the idea of a technology that assistslanguage learning by listening to the target language from nativespeakers during a treasure hunt game. Above all, the focus is oncooperation, as riddles have to be solved together by the tandemteam.
September / 2019
Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.