Creating a Reference Technology Platform

Kacimi, Omar and Ellen, Christian and Oertel, Markus and Sojka, Daniel
Proceedings of MODELSWARD 2014
The interoperability of tools and methods is a topic being currently discussed across all engineering domains of embedded systems. The increasing amount of requirements on interoperability demands a common understanding of design artifacts which need to be accessible beyond tool boundaries. Furthermore, to support safety related development, a framework to integrate verification and validation activities has to be established. This eases early design decisions and provides support for certification processes. Different European projects tackled the subject and current ones like MBAT (Model-Based Analysis and testing) are addressing it under the form of a so called Reference Technology Platform (RTP). Nevertheless, besides theoretical discussions on interoperability standards and basic transfer technologies, few implementations of such a platform exist.Within MBAT, we integrated an automated safety analysis into our existing RTP prototype. This setup was developed for the purposes of an industrial case study calling upon a typical set of heterogeneous tools and formats like MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow, IBM Rational DOORS and EAST-ADL. In this paper, we present our RTP implementation and evaluate its effectiveness with respect to the safety aspects and the interoperability challenges raised by the use case.
1 / 2014
Combined Model-based Analysis and Testing of Embedded Systems
Luis Ferreira Pires, Slimane Hammoudi, Joaquim Filipe and Rui Cesar das Neves