cosima-mango: Investigating Multi-Agent System robustness through integrated communication simulation

Emilie Frost and Malin Radtke and Marvin Nebel-Wenner and Frauke Oest and Sanja Stark
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) are implemented for numerous applications in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (CPES). Before deploying these agent-based applications into the field, their functionalities must be tested to ensure robustness and reliability. Due to the spatial distribution of these systems, they are particularly susceptible to processes in the communication system, such as an increase in network traffic. In this paper, we present cosima-mango, a novel coupling of the mango agent framework with cosima, which integrates the communication simulator OMNeT++ into a co-simulation environment. Therefore, cosima-mango provides a valuable tool for investigating communication effects on MAS within CPES by simulating the message exchange of the agents according to the modeled communication infrastructure in OMNeT++.