Controller Development for Reactive Power Flow Management Between DSO and TSO Networks

K. Sirviö and M. Mekkanen and K. Kauhaniemi and H. Laaksonen and A. Salo and F. Castro and S. Ansari and D. Babazadeh
2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe)
In the future, new solutions for active and reactive power control related to the flexibility services offered by distributed energy resources (DER) will be needed even more. One ancillary service which DER could provide is the reactive power flow management between DSO and TSO networks. This research aims to develop a reactive power controller from a preliminary algorithm to a light-weight IED for a wind turbine converter. The purpose of the controller is to maintain the reactive power flow of a medium voltage network within the limit set by a transmission system operator. In his paper, the controller development stages are presented - starting from the preliminary algorithm development by Simscape Power Systems to real hardware and testing it by Controller-Hardware-In-the-Loop simulations. The operation of the controller is investigated in the different development stages of the power network. The outcome is the development suggestions of the real-time simulation platform, as well as the discussion of further improvement possibilities for the controller.
Sep. / 2019
Smart Grid Cyber-Resilience Labor