Conjoint Generation Management and Load Adaption for an Optimised Power Grid Utilisation

Tröschel, Martin and Lünsdorf, Ontje
Future power supply infrastructures are expected toincreasingly rely on distributed energy resources (DER) such as cogeneration and photovoltaic plants. In addition to environmental benefits resulting from the efficient conversion of primary energy or the utilisation of renewable energy carriers, a systematic operation of DER can contribute to an optimised utilisation especially of low voltage (LV) power grids by means of supply-demand matching (SDM). There are basically two measures to implement SDM: Management of supply-side power generation and adaption of demand-side power consumption. In this paper, we will outline the potential of conjoint power generation management and load adaption measures especially regarding system load balancing in LV power grids.
07 / 2010
Forschungsverbund Energie Niedersachsen