Compositionality with Strong Assumptions

Hungar, Hardi
This work concerns the semantical foundations for a compositional development method. The main design units in the method are components, whose nature comprises two facets: Assumptions about the environment in which they may be placed, and guarantees about their behavior, provided the assumptions are met. Components may be described declaratively in the form of specifications, or operationally by models. A compositional notion of refinement permits to relate more precise versions of design units with previous ones. Refinement distributes over the structure of decomposition into parallel units. A more general notion of realization captures the change of levels of abstraction or the transgression from a conceptual perspective to a more concrete one, such as form a functional view to a logical or technical one. By incorporating all these concepts, this work provides the foundation for being able to express precisely in which way the final design implements the requirements which have been formulated at the start of the development process.
11 / 2011
Mälardalen Real-Time Research Center
SPES 2020
Software Plattform Embedded Systems 2020
Paul Petterson and Kristina Seceleanu