CogniLog – Cognitive Logistics for Warehousing

Overmeyer, L. and Krühn, T. and Hahn, A. and Pinkowski, J.
Coordinated Autonomous Systems
In future warehouses, conveyors will operate autonomously and cooperative to fulfill transportation demands. The research project CogniLog is working towards novel cooperation strategies for continuous and discontinuous conveyors applied in warehousing scenarios. Each of these technological items is part of the decision making process on different hierarchical levels according to the complexity of the decision. The essence of CogniLog is to address the challenge, how autonomous subsystems can cooperate in a network, which is able to solve tasks a single subsystem could not, thus gaining cognitive capabilities. Key challenges are the heterogeneity of the subsystems and the dependable observability of material flows. This contribution will show approaches to overcome these challenges by using a decentralized system. Moreover, the distributed decision making process on the conveyor level, which consists of a large number of subsystems, will be addressed.
06 / 2012
Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL)
Cognitive Logistiknetzwerke
DVV Media Group