Co-Simulation of C-based SoC Simulators and MATLAB Simulink

Poppen, Frank and Grüttner, Kim
Simulation of systems under development is a widely used methodology for early design evaluation and performance analysis. Many engineers trust on MATLAB & Simulink as a simulation environment, especially since it offers many domain specific block sets for fast, easy and efficient use. With its ability to generate life source code from the simulation model it becomes a powerful development tool. After code generation it is common practice to proceed to the real world and maybe coupling HW executing the generated SW with simulation (HW in the loop simulation), which can be considered to be a big jump into the cold water. The contribution of this paper is a concept and proof-of-concept implementation of a co-simulation interface between a C-based System on Chip (SoC) model and MATLAB & Simulink. The proposed approach enables the coupling of application domain specific high level simulation with a bit and cycle accurate virtual execution platform of a specific embedded HW/SW platform without interfacing troubles. Our concept was implemented for and applied to the development of an embedded medical device – a Wearable Artificial Kidney Device (WAKD).
03 / 2012
Operational Research Society
ICT-fähige tragbare künstliche Niere und personalisiertes System zur Behandlung Nierenkranker
B.Tjahjono, C. Heavey, S. Onggo, and D-J. van der Zee, eds.