Architecture and Quality Standards for the Joint Development of Modular Open Source Software for Power Grid Distribution Management Systems

Andre Göring, Jürgen Meister, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Martin Jung, Matthias Rohr, Peter Herdt
Proceedings from 5th D-A-CH+ Energy Informatics Conference in conjunction with 7th Symposium on Communications for Energy Systems (ComForEn)
Regulatory effects, business pressure and the transformation to smart grids foster the need for up-to-date software systems for managing and operating the grid operators’ electric power grids. The complexity of these systems has grown over decades. This makes enhancements and development of new functionalities in existing systems cost intensive, vendor/system specific and often prevents meeting time to market and quality requirements. Public interfaces and open data formats allow development of enhancements and new functionality as reusable modules by 3rd parties, thus allowing the integration of best-of-breed systems in the system landscape at grid operators. A significant reduction of system complexity is a precondition to develop such reusable modules while meeting time to market and quality requirements in critical infrastructure. This is accomplished by defining a common architecture framework, common processes and quality standards.
9 / 2016
Eigenverlag des Österreichischen Verbandes für Elektrotechnik
Friederich Kupzog