Approach Stabilization Advisory System - The Development Approach

Cao, Yujia and Keinrath, Claudia and Lacko, Ivan and Mikulu, Frantisek and Rister, Frank and Cauchard, Fabrice and Dehais, Frederic and Osterloh, Jan-Patrick and Lüdtke, Andreas
Proceedings of HCI-Aero 2012
Undisputedly, approach stabilization is critical to flight safety. Unstabilized approaches are a major causal factor for approach-and-landing accidents (e.g. off-runway touch-downs, tail-strikes etc.). This paper presents the approach taken to develop a first mock-up of an Approach Stabi-lization Advisory System (AStA). During the approach phase, AStA is intended to monitor aircraft perfor-mance/configuration and pilot’s behavior/cognitive state. When AStA detects the potential of an unstabilized approach, it suggests corrective actions to re-stabilize the approach or advises to perform a go-around. Initial simu-lator experiments have been conducted, delivering data that represent stabilized and unstabilized approaches. 15 pilots flew 94 approaches of various geometries at 4 different airports. Flight data (99 parameters), pilot’s eye gaze and physiological data were collected. Early data analysis shows that the design of scenarios induces unstabilized approaches and retains the necessary valuable data that informs the further development of the AStA.
09 / 2012
Florida Institute of Technology
Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Systems