Applications of Immersive VR in Nursing Education

Weiß, Sebastian and Bongartz, Hannah and Boll, Susanne and Heuten, Wilko
Tagungsband der 1. Clusterkonferenz 2018 - Innovative Technologien für die Pflege
Regulatory and financial restrictions put a burden on nursing education, thus educators struggle to provide adequate training. Low quality training put patients, practitioners and the devices they use at risk of harm or malfunction. In other fields, simulation-based training (SBT) has shown to be an effective tool. Immersive virtual reality (VR) provides a wide range of learning enhancing aspects. In this paper, we did a survey on the current state of immersive VR with head-mounted displays (HMD) in nursing education and its effects on learning. We searched relevant databases for predefined PICO terms. The results indicate that head-worn immersive VR helps in learning and increases student motivation. We believe that the low amount of identified publications points to a niche in the field and that further research into the effectiveness of HMD-based devices in education is necessary. Furthermore, we found that “VR” is used to relate to anything computer based. However, since it is now predominantly used to describe an immersive experience, a convergence of terminology is required. Future research should be based on bigger samples and more extensive statistical analysis to be able to prove the positive effects of VR in student motivation and learning outcomes.
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