Analysis of Attainable Energy Consumption Reduction in ICT by Using Data Center Comprehensive Load Management - Extended Abstract

Schlitt, Daniel and Schröder, Kiril and Hoyer, Marko and Nebel, Wolfgang
Many technologies like thin clients or cloud computing possess a growing interest, which currently results in a movement towards increasing usage of growing data centers and an accompanying rising energy demand. To ensure an economical and ecological operation of data centers nevertheless, action to cut down on energy have to be taken by the operators. A good possibility for this purpose is the virtualization of services followed by a dynam-ic allocation to the servers. Thus unneeded server capacities can be shut down to save energy. In a survey we analyzed possible application areas as well as present challenges of load manage-ment both inside a data center and data center comprehensive. Furthermore we theoretically evaluated the energy saving poten-tial: Inside a data center load management could reduce the ener-gy consumption by 20% to over 40% and if it is extended to a network of data centers costs of 10% and more could be saved additionally. In another field of application the data center com-prehensive load management is used to flatten the energy demand of the data center’s neighborhood such that the energy supply can easier adapt the energy production to the requirement. Thus, 50% of regulation demand of an average settlement could be covered.
11 / 2010
ZEW Zentrum für europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

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