An Orchestration as a Service Infrastructure Using Grid Technologies and WS-BPEL

Gudenkauf, S. and Scherp, G. and Höing, André and Meister, Dirk and Brinkmann, André
Service-Oriented Computing
The BIS-Grid project, as part of the German D-Grid initiative, investigates service orchestration using Grid service technologies to show how such technologies can be employed for information systems integration, especially when crossing enterprise boundaries. Small and medium enterprises will be enabled to integrate heterogeneous business information systems and to use external resources and services with affordable eff ort.In this paper, we discuss our Orchestration as a Service (OaaS) paradigmand present the BIS-Grid OaaS infrastructure. This infrastructure is based upon service extensions to the Grid middleware UNICORE 6 to use an arbitrary WS-BPEL work floow engine and standard WS-BPEL to orchestrate both plain Web services and stateful, WSRF-based Grid services. We report on the evaluation scenarios at our industrial application partners and on the applied service modeling methodology.
11 / 2009
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Betriebliche Informationssysteme: Grid-basierte Integration und Orchestrierung
Luciano Baresi and Chi-Hung Chi and Jun Suzuki