An Open Source 3D Visualization for the RAMI 4.0 Reference Model

Mathias Uslar, Andre Göring, Roland Heidel, Christian Neureiter, Dominik Engel, Stefan Schulte
Proceedings from VDE-Kongress 2016 - Internet der Dinge
Within this contribution, we briefly present our developed open source browser-based visualization for the RAMI 4.0 reference model, which is based on out previous developments for the SGAM – Smart Grid Architecture Model in the context of smart grid projects. Based on a client-server browser-based system, an upload for Industrie 4.0 models and examples serialized in Comma Separated Values, XML or Microsoft Excel is provided to visualize the corresponding Industrie 4.0 models. Afterwards, those models can be navigated, manipulated and corresponding meta-data can be visualized using on mouse-over functions. The tool extends the existing Microsoft PowerPoint or Visio shapesets and can be used for either discussion in meetings about the different components of an Industrie 4.0 model or as a documentation tool since graphics exporting functions are provided. In addition to the basic RAMI 4.0 model, extensions to visualize the ju-RAMI are provided.
11 / 2016
VDE e.V.