An Automated Flow for Integrating Hardware IP into the Automotive Systems Engeneering Process

Oetjens, Jan-Hendrik and Görgen, Ralph and Gerlach, Joachim and Nebel, Wolfgang
Proceedings of Design, Automation and Test in Europe 2009
This contribution shows and discusses the requirements and constraints that an industrial engineering process defines for the integration of hardware IP into the system development flow. It describes the developed strategy for automating the step of making hardware descriptions available in a MATLAB/Simulink based system modeling and validation environment. It also explains the transformation technique on which that strategy is based. An application of the strategy is shown in terms of an industrial automotive electronic hardware IP block.
03 / 2009
Verteilte integrierte Systeme und Netzwerkarchitekturen für die Applikationsdomänen Automobil und Mobilkommunikation