AMBOSS: A Task Modeling Approach for Safety-Critical Systems

Giese M., Mistrzyk T., Pfau A., Szwillus G., von Detten M.
In Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering and 7th International Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams, LNCS
In a recent project we created AMBOSS, a task modeling environment taking into account the special needs for safety-critical socio-technical systems. An AMBOSS task model allows the specification of relevant information concerning safety aspects. To achieve this we complemented task models with additional information elements and appropriate structures. These refer primarily to aspects of timing, spatial information, and communication. In this paper we give an introductory overview about AMBOSS and its contribution to modeling safety-critical systems. In addition, we present AmbossA, the visual pattern language for detecting particular constellations of interest within a task model.
10 / 2008
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Peter Forbrig, Fabio Paterno
Volume 5247/2008