AFM as a Robot for Automated Nanohandling

Fatikow, Sergej and Bartenwerfer, Malte and Mick, Uwe and Niewiera, Florian and Weigel-Jech, Michael and Krohs, Florian
Besides its ability of high resolution imaging, the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has been recognized as a valuable instrument for manipulating at the nanoscale within the last years. Promising applications of such AFM-based nanorobotic manipulation are e.g. the characterization of nanoentities such as CNTs and DNA or the prototypical fabrication of nanoscale components, devices, and systems based on such nanoobjects. One major problem that arises when the AFM is used as a robot for nanomanipulation is often the relative low throughput induced by the sequential character of the AFM. Automation has identified to be a suitable means to increase the throughput of such AFM-based nanomanipulations and to achieve more reliable results. This paper discusses the usage of the AFM as a robot for nanohandling in general and presents our latest results on automated nanomanipulation. The handling of CNTs on silicon substrate as an example for the manipulation of single nanoentities and our strategies for automated nanohandling is presented. Moreover, the feasibility of AFM-based nanostructuring for the development of components for biosensors is demonstrated.
10 / 2010