A systemic approach to agile management and self-organization for a sustainable transformation of organizations

Hubertus C. Tuczek; Agnetha Flore; Helge F.R. Nuhn; Norbert Schaffitzel
IPMA 8th Research Conference 2020
The understanding of agility and its necessity as a key factor for business success has never been more urgent than today. Many companies are not able to implement truly agile organizations. Why is this so? What are the driving forces behind a sustainable transformation? A holistic approach for the entire company, starting with the management mindset and the governance structure of self-organization, is the way forward for a consistently agile approach. The professional group “Agile Management (AM)” of the GPM developed the Agile Management 4.0 approach, which takes into account various scientific concepts to create a solid foundation for practical relevance in everyday management. AM 4.0 follows a systemic approach based on the theory of synergetics developed by Hermann Haken [7] and the model of self-organisation according to Haken and Schiepeck [8]. We explain Agile Mindset with the help of the neurological layers of the Dilts Pyramid [6], a model frequently used in psychology. Management cybernetics describes the system dynamics of stability and adaptation of organizations. Stafford Beer's Viable System Model (VSM) [3] is applied as reference for the conditions of self-regulating systems. Finally, we address agile techniques and framework in the context of meta-competencies of a learning organization.
September / 2020