A regional electricity market approach in view of related Smart Grid initiatives

Beer, Sebastian and Bischofs, Ludger and González, José and Trefke, Jörn
Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2011 IEEE
The transformation of conventional electricity supply infrastructures towards a more decentralized and sustainable provision requires technical and economical solutions which appropriately adapt to the new requirements and exploit arising efficiency potentials. This contribution introduces a reference architecture for regional electricity markets which allows the integration of small scale actors into the conventional supply infrastructure. Moreover, we provide a schematic comparison of architecture-related Smart Grid initiatives based on different evaluation criteria and relate them to our approach. This way we show that our market-oriented approach is intended to fill a gap in the Smart Grids domain by addressing trading-related issues.
10 / 2011
IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES)
E-Energy-Projekt in der Modellregion Cuxhaven