A Reference Technology Platform with Common Interfaces for Distributed Heterogeneous Data

Baumgart, Andreas and Ellen, Christian and Oertel, Markus and Rehkop, Philip and Farfeleder, Stefan and Schulz, Stefan
Proceedings of the of the Embedded World 2012 Exhibition and Conference
In today's embedded system development processes a variety of tools is used. Since each application employs its own data-format it is diffcult to establish a continuous traceability between system artifacts. The European research project CESAR targets cost reduction during the development of safety-critical embedded systems and de nes domain-independent concepts for a reference technology platform (RTP) increasing interoperability between tools.In this paper we present an RTP realization that provides a homogeneous data-view, unifi ed access methods and full traceability support. This view is independent from originating tools, data-structures, and repositories. Our solution facilitates interoperability by providing unifi ed access methods on this view without limitations in the established usage of the tools.Industrial partners have evaluated our RTP adapting tools like BTC Embedded Tester and Requisite Pro to an environment consisting of assets like DOORS, ModelBus and EAST-ADL.
03 / 2012
Cost-Efficient Methods and Processes for Safety Relevant Embedded Systems