A pattern-based requirement specification language: Mapping automotive specific timing requirements

Reinkemeier, Philipp and Stierand, Ingo and Rehkop, Philip and Henkler, Stefan
Software Engineering 2011 Workshopband
Today most requirement specifications are documents written in natural language. Natural language however is abiguous. Thus computer-aided verification of system-models against such requirement specifications is generally impossible. In this paper we propose a textual requirement specification language (RSL), that is based on patterns, which have a formally defined semantics. RSL is able to express requirements from multiple aspects (e.g. real-time, safety, etc.) on a system. In order to apply RSL in the domain of automotive systems, it has to support timing requirements as the Timing Augmented Description Language (TADL). TADL is the comming standard for handling timing information in the automotive domain. In this paper, we present a mapping of TADL constraints to RSL patterns.
05 / 2011
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Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)
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Software Plattform Embedded Systems 2020
Cost-Efficient Methods and Processes for Safety Relevant Embedded Systems
Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) / Reussner, Ralf; Pretschner, Alexander; Jähnichen, Stefan