A Data Center Simulation Framework Based on an Ontological Foundation

Ammar Memari, Jan Vornberger, Jorge Marx Gómez, Wolfgang Nebel
EnviroInfo: ICT for energy efficiency conference proceedings
The IT-for-Green project aims at developing the next generation of Corporate Environmental Management Information Systems (CEMIS). Green IT being one important aspect of this, the IT-for-Green project seeks to support the analysis of a given data center situation and to support the simulation of alternative architectures to find ways to increase energy efficiency. To facilitate this, we develop a data center simulation framework, designed to be part of a larger CEMIS platform. This is achieved through a focus on flexibility, high interoperability and open standards. Flexibility is especially achieved by building the framework on top of an underlying data center ontology. This ontological approach allows us to derive many components of the framework from a single source, maintaining the ability to quickly adapt to future requirements.
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