SemanticMM4U Emergente Semantik in personalisierten Multimedia-Inhalten


Support for personalized multimedia content has become a crucial aspect of today’s multimedia applications. We find many different systems and approaches that provide multimedia content tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the users. These systems and approaches exploit semantically-rich information for the multimedia content creation task. However, once the content is created, this very valuable source of information is thrown away. Thus, it is lost for any further processing of the created multimedia presentations. Systems that analyze such presentations can only revive a very limited amount of the semantic information that was initially available and used. Consequently, we present with the SemanticMM4U framework an approach that enhances the state-of-the-art by providing support for deriving semantics at any point in time during the assemble process and integrating it into the syntax of the final presentation formats. By this, the semantics is made machine-readable and machine-processable. It allows for a better indexing, retrieval, and processing of multimedia presentations.



Start: 01.11.2006
Ende: 30.04.2008