NanoBits-Workshop (Barcelona)

18.06.2013 , OFFIS

As a Satellite Event to the International Conference "Euro & Transducers Sensors 2013"  a public workshop on the EU project NanoBits "Exchangeable and Customizable Scanning Probe Tips" will take place in Barcelona on Tuesday, 18.06.2013, 2:30pm - 6.30pm.

The NanoBits project develops innovative software and hardware to extend the measurement capabilities of atomic force microscopes to fully three-dimensional samples with nanometer resolution.

The atomic force microscope (AFM) has become a standard and wide spread instrument for characterizing nanoscale devices and can be found in most of today’s research and development areas. The NanoBits project provides exchangeable and customizable scanning probe tips that can be attached to standard AFM cantilevers offering an unprecedented freedom in adapting the shape and size of the tips to the surface topology of the specific application.

NanoBits themselves are 2-4 um long and 120-150 nm thin flakes of heterogeneous materials fabricated in different approaches. These novel tips will allow for characterizing three dimensional high-aspect ratio and sidewall structures of critical dimensions such as nanooptical photonic components and semiconductor architectures which is a bottle-neck in reaching more efficient manufacturing techniques. It is thus an enabling approach for almost all future nanoscale applications.

As the project is in its final stage, it will be presented to an interested public. All six European partners will present the results and the participants are then available for discussion.

Here you can find the Workshop-Schedule for Download.


14:30 h

Welcome of Participants; Networking

14.45 h

Overview: The NanoBits project
Dr. Albert Sill
OFFIS e.V., Germany

15.15 h

Cantilever Development for Exchangeable and Customizable Scanning Probe Tips for 3D AFM
Dr. Oliver Krause
NanoWorld Services GmbH,Germany

15.45 h


16.00 h

Design and Fabrication of NanoBits
Dr. Alexey Savenko
DTU Nanotech, Denmark

16.30 h
Assembly of NanoBits; 3D Scanning Modes
Malte Bartenwerfer
OFFIS e. V., Germany

17.00 h


17.15 h

Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with NanoBits: New Opportunities for Materials Characterization at the Nanoscale
Dr. Victor LeNader
EMPA, Switzerland

17.45 h

High Performance Optical Micro and Nanostructures
Maria Oliva
Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

18.15 h