Future mobility. Markets and policy measures in the evolution of electric mobility

Focus on the market introduction phase of electric mobility, gather theoretical, empirical and political contributions from different fields, shed some more light on the complex demand, supply and policy side topics!


Scope of the Workshop

In the public but as well in the scientific discussion the questions of whether electric mobility can really gain a considerable market share in the upcoming years and how policy measures can or shall support market introduction and diffusion were intensely debated during the last months. For example, although some actors criticized the German policy measures for being too unfocused and supply side oriented, others argued that a strong government intervention on the demand side is not advisable from an industrial policy perspective because the German producers currently do not have competitive products to offer. Similar discussions can be observed for the roles played by OEMs directly which vary strongly in their ambition to invest in electric mobility and introduce new electric vehicles to the market. The intention of the workshop is to gather theoretical, empirical and political contributions from different fields, explicitly focussing on the market introduction phase of electric mobility in order to shed some more light on the complex demand, supply and policy side topics.

Questions to be dealt with in the workshop could, for example, be the following:

A) Client’s perspectives

1. What are the technical, economical and organizational requirements of customers?
2. Is there really a strong willingness-to-pay for electric mobility?
3. -

B) Management perspectives

4. How must strategies, structures and systems change in order to bring electric mobility to the market?
5. How can competing mobility technologies and business concepts be employed to satisfy customer demands for a payable and sustainable mobility?
6. -

C) Policy perspectives

7. How shall monetary and non-monetary support schemes be designed to facilitate market entry and diffusion?
8. How can the efficiency of the funding be increased?
9. -

D) Germany’s role in international competition

10. Does the German automobile market have the necessary characteristics to become a lead market in electric mobility and which are the exogenous and endogenous drivers for technological developments in Germany?
11. Which international standards are necessary to guarantee compatibility and which effects will this have on the German producers?
12. -


For this workshop, we invite researchers, representatives of the car industry and respective associations to submit a paper for presentation and discussion at the workshop taking place in Oldenburg at
OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology, Escherweg 2, 26121 Oldenburg (Germany)

We also would like to encourage other researchers in this area to submit ideas focussing on the workshop subject. Therefore, please feel free to circulate this

Call for Papers.

To apply, a complete paper or an extended abstract with at least 1,000 words has to be delivered by 22nd September 2013. Decisions on acceptance for the workshop will be emailed by 13th October 2013.

Please, send your extended abstract or your paper by email to Antje Campen: acampen(at)uni-bremen.de

Participation without the presentation of a paper is also welcome. In order to ensure the workshop character, we have limited space capacities. Thus, timely registration is necessary.

Costs and fees

There are no participation fees for paper presenters.

A Conference Dinner on Thursday, December 5th is included as well as snacks & coffee throughout the workshop. Travel and lodging costs cannot be reimbursed.

For non-presenters, there are the following options:

One day: € 100 (incl. Conference Dinner)

Two days: € 140

The project is supported with funds from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Responsible for programme coordination is NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.


It is intended to publish selected contributions of the workshop in an edited volume or in a special issue of a reknown journal. The final decision on the publication will be made at the workshop. Everyone submitting a paper should be willing and able to deliver it before end of March 2014 in order to support a joint publication.


For further questions feel free to contact:

Antje Campen
Universität Bremen
Centre for Regional and Innovation Economics
Wilhelm-Herbst-Str. 12, 28359 Bremen
Telefon: +49 421 218 66538
Email: acampen(at)uni-bremen.de

We look forward to welcoming you in Oldenburg!