edaBarCamp 2**1 - Get access to half the truth

You do research in the area of electronic design automation (EDA) for microelectronic and embedded systems?

You want to present and discuss ideas and results of your ongoing scientific work? Then come to Reutlingen!

Due to the extremely positive experiences of the first edaBarCamp event in 2016, we will organize a second open research meeting based on the BarCamp format.

The 2nd edaBarCamp will be on 5./6. July 2017 at Hochschule Reutlingen - Robert Bosch Zentrum für Leistungselektronik (rbz), Reutlingen, Germany.

Download our invitation here.

In order to present and substantially discuss conceptual ideas and results of our ongoing scientific work, we invite researchers from the area of electronic design automation (EDA) for microelectronic and embedded systems to an open barcamp event.

Detached from formal event structures, we will interactively propose, exchange and jointly develop our methodological approaches and innovations. Meeting and discussing on a par with each other, your individual work and interests can and will benefit from the others: The edaBarCamp offers exactly this space.

The idea of our edaBarCamp: In open sessions everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own topics and to participate and to enrich the other sessions by his thoughts and ideas. For that purpose, each participant can suggest sessions on his topics in advance and during the event. Topics with common interests are then identified and scheduled by all participants at the beginning of the event. There is no program committee. We all vote and decide our agenda in an open plenary meeting. The agenda of each individual session is then commonly decided by the session-owners and their participants. Everbody is asked to become an active participator, not just a passive listener. According to your interests you can organize your sessions as interactive workshops, short 'hackathons', brainstormings, presentations and tutorials as well as open-minded question- & feedback rounds. To memorize and exchange the results each session is asked to commonly document their work during the session. Finally, the joint documentation will be made available to you the event.

More information on www.edabarcamp.de

Registration either via our above-mentioned website or via our XING event: https://en.xing-events.com/edabarcamp2.html