edaBarCamp 1st Contact

You do research in the area of electronic design automation (EDA) for microelectronic and embedded systems?

You want to present and discuss ideas and results of your ongoing scientific work?

Then come to Hannover!

edaBarCamp 2016

edaBarCamp 2016

Hello and Welcome to edaBarCamp!!

Originating from our PhD meetings in a german research project, we gained the idea of starting an open research meeting based on the barcamp-concept.

We are happy to invite you to: edaBarCamp 1st Contact! (Invitation Download)
Hier finden Sie die Veranstaltungsinformationen auch auf Deutsch zum Download.

The 1st edaBarCamp will be on 17./18. November 2016 at Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), Institute of Microlectronic Systems (IMS), Hannover, Germany.
In order to present and substantially discuss conceptual ideas and results of our ongoing scientific work, we invite researchers from the area of electronic design automation (EDA) for microelectronic and embedded systems to an open barcamp event.
Detached from formal event structures, we will interactively propose, exchange and jointly develop our methodological approaches and innovations. Meeting and discussing on a par with each other, your individual work and interests can and will benefit from the others: The edaBarCamp offers exactly this space.

To prepare edaBarCamp, we kindly ask you to propose your session-ideas in advance in our session proposal forum. Joining our open web forum you have the opportunity to read and discuss all session proposals and that way to provide clues about the possible session topics.

We are looking forward to you and your proposals!
Your edaBarCamp-Team
Georg, Dieter, Kim and Gregor