DICOM - Intensive Course (English)

Basic introduction and comprehensive overview to the medical image communication standard DICOM

22.10.2019 - 23.10.2019 , Frankfurt a.M.



  • History and organization of the DICOM standard
  • Data structures and information objects
  • File format and encoding rules
  • Association negotiation and message exchange in a network
  • Basic network services (verification, storage)
  • Structure of DICOM images
  • Well-established network services (query/retrieve, worklist management/MPPS, storage commitment, print management)
  • Storage media and storage media exchange
  • Conformance statement
  • Compression in DICOM
  • Display consistency
  • Overview of further DICOM services



Target group:

  • Service and support staff
  • Software developers
  • Technically interested users working in the DICOM domain




2 days

In case you are interested in DICOM related training courses, please contact one of the mentioned contacts at https://dicom.offis.de/people.php.en or write an email to dicom(at)offis.de including details of your request. Our general terms and conditions apply.