Workshop on Electronic Architecture and System Engineering For Integrated Safety Systems

01.03.2007 Aktuelles

Future Integrated Safety Systems which combine active and passive safety systems with information from outside the vehicle require a highly dependable in-vehicle infrastructure.
EASIS a European project co-funded by the EC DG INFSO has developed hardware and software architecture concepts for such an infrastructure as well as development methods and tools which encounter the complexity and constraints of IS Systems .
Starting January 2004, the members of the EASIS Team have elaborated and validated:
* Software platform providing common safety services
* Concepts for on-board electronic hardware infrastructure
* Framework for dependability
* EASIS Engineering process.

At the end of the project, the results have been demonstrated at an open Workshop at the Bosch Representative Office in Berlin on March 1st.

OFFIS has been involved in the topic "Framework for dependability" and was leading an acitivity to derive guidelines for the application of formal methods.

More info on EASIS is available at