Visualizing Out-of-view Objects in Head-mounted Augmented Reality

Uwe Gruenefeld, Dag Ennenga, Abdallah El Ali, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services
Various off-screen visualization techniques that point to off-screen objects have been developed for small screen devices. A similar problem arises with head-mounted Augmented Reality (AR) with respect to the human field-of- view, where objects may be out of view. Being able to detect so-called out-of-view objects is useful for certain scenarios (e.g., situation monitoring during ship docking). To augment existing AR with this capability, we adapted and tested well-known 2D off-screen object visualization techniques (Arrow, Halo, Wedge) for head-mounted AR. We found that Halo resulted in the lowest error for direction estimation while Wedge was subjectively perceived as best. We discuss future directions of how to best visualize out-of- view objects in head-mounted AR.
09 / 2017